Sunday, October 23, 2011

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A few years back, I blogged several knitting items I'd made. Some detours in life took me away for awhile but now I'm back and while I don't expect this to be exclusively a knitting blog, I will start with one blanket I made three of over the summer...(yes, THREE)...for one purpose. To keep my sanity. So far it's worked. (I hope!)

It was crocheted from polyester yarn using a double crochet stitch straight through but also I used two separate strands of yarn at the same time (one peach and one white) for the body so the blanket is quite heavy. I mostly like that it's washable as one went to a niece's little baby girl, but another to my daughter for the simple reason that I've been knitting little boy things for her for years now and I thought it was time for her to have something girly for herself. The third still needs the fringe tied on.

Crafty sites:
I am tacking this onto the very beginning of this blog so I can find it.  I just discovered this great way to turn my edges with the double crochet stitch as to make my edges much straighter than they've been coming out.  Now to practice it to the point where I can do it without thinking!   Austin Knit Shop;

Another stitch I want to save for future reference:

Prime Rib Stitch: ....Also on this web page, crochet ribbing - Knitting in the round on 2 circular needles Plowshare Blog, Elm Mott, TX  Stretchy Bind-off

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